Seedling American Persimmon


Seedling American Persimmon produces delicious orange fruits that are rich and honey-sweet with a spicy apricot flavor.

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About Seedling American Persimmon

Seedling American Persimmon is a slow growing moderately sized tree. It produces delicious orange fruits that are extremely sweet with a tomato-like texture when ripe. A frost enhances their flavor. Unripe fruits can be frozen or dried. Use them in puddings, cakes and cookies, as desserts or toppings, or dry them for a date-like flavor. The tree is ornamental with lustrous, dark green leaves turning crimson in the fall. When not quite ripe, some persimmons have a lot of tannins and can be very bitter or dry, but when ripe, the persimmon is rich and honey-sweet with a spicy apricot flavor.

Latin Name: Diospyros virginiana
Type: Unsexed Seedling
Also Known As:  
Zone: 5-9
Light: Full sun, tolerates light shade
Pollination: Needs both a male and a female tree. Buy several in order to ensure you get both.
Bearing Age: 2-6 years after planting
Size at Maturity: 50+ ft. Can be kept smaller with pruning/coppicing.
Bloom Time: Spring-Summer
Harvest Time: September-November, preferably after first frost or harvest unripe fruit and place in freezer for a day or two.
Rootstock: Own roots
Yield: 50+ lbs
Forest Garden Use: Understory Layer (coppiced), Overstory Layer

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