Ebbinge’s Silverberry


Ebbinge’s Silverberry, commonly called evergreen, hybrid or Ebbing’s silverberry, is a cross between Elaeagnus macrophylla x Elaeagnus pungent. The plants bear attractive, tasty red fruits (to 1/2″ long) that typically ripen in spring. Evergreen leaves make it perfect for hedging. It is prized for its profuse, fragrant, silvery-white flowers.

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About Ebbinge’s Silverberry

Ebbinge’s Silverberry, commonly called evergreen, hybrid or Ebbing’s silverberry, is a cross between Elaeagnus macrophylla x Elaeagnus pungens. Attractive, tasty red fruits (to 1/2″ long) typically ripen in spring. It is prized for its profuse, fragrant, silvery-white flowers. A large, bushy, rounded shrub that typically grows to 8-10′ tall and as wide. Leaves are evergreen in warm winter climates, but semi-evergreen to deciduous near the northern edge of its growing range. When young, its leathery, elliptic, leaves (to 4″ long) are green with silver scales. With age, leaf surfaces turn lustrous dark green above but remain silver gray beneath. Creamy white flowers (to 1/4″ long) bloom in clusters in late fall. Flowers are not particularly showy, but are intensely fragrant.

Genus name comes from the Greek words elaia meaning olive and agnos from chaste tree – Vitus agnus-castus in reference to the olive-shaped fruits and chaste tree-like leaves found on some genus members.

Latin Name: Elaeagnus x ebbingei

Also Known As: Evergreen Silverberry, Hybrid Silverberry
Type: Cutting grown
Zone: 6-10
Light: 1/2 day to full sun
Pollination: Self-fertile
Bearing Age: 1-2 years after planting
Size at Maturity: 8-10 ft.
Bloom Time: Late Fall
Harvest Time: Spring
Rootstock: Own roots
Yield: 5+ lbs
Food Forest Use: Understory Layer, Shrub Layer, Nitrogen Fixer

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