Galaxy Peach


Nicknamed “Bagel Peach” for its unique shape and large size. Sweet tasting, white-fleshed peach with an amusing, flat shape – looking something like a bagel. Similar to popular Donut/Saturn Peach except larger.

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About Galaxy Peach

Galaxy Peach is a peento peach with a larger size than other donut peaches like Saturn with the same flattened shape. Cream colored skin is blushed with a rose color. Juicy, firm, white flesh with excellent flavor. Clingstone.

About Peento Peaches

A donut peach is a natural genetic mutation where the shape of the fruit is naturally flat (donut shaped) rather than globose (spherical or round).  They may have yellow flesh or white flesh.  The flesh texture may be melting or nonmelting. The pit inside the donut peach also has a different shape than a traditional peach pit.  In the donut peach, the pit is nearly spherical.  In China, where the donut peach originates, the name is pan tao where pan means flat and tao means peach.  Some people also refer to them as peento.

  • Latin Name: Prunus persica 'Galaxy'
  • Also Known As: Bagel, Pan Tao, Peento, Pinto, Donut, Doughnut
  • Zone: 5-9
  • Light: Full Sun (6+ Hours Direct Sunlight)
  • Pollination:
  • Bearing Age:
  • Size at Maturity:
  • Bloom Time:
  • Harvest Time: Early-Mid
  • Type: Grafted
  • Food Forest Use: Understory Layer
  • Origin: Developed by the USDA/ARS-San Joaquin Valley.

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