Nursery Updates: Bareroots, Shipping & Olives

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Bareroot shipping has ended for the season. Bareroots are still available for sale in the nursery, but as we are in the process of potting them up they will not be available to purchase via the website. We hope to have them potted up by the end of April, so if you still want bareroots, make a trip sooner rather than later.


We will continue to ship quarts and will begin shipping select 1 & 2 gallons in 2-4 weeks with more being added as we switch over to the new pots.


We have about 100 olive trees available in the nursery for $20 each. They’re about 2-3ft tall and once they are gone we will be sold out until we get production going starting in 5-6 weeks. Since we expect to sell out of these very quickly they will not be available to purchase via the website until we get production going.

Website Availability

Since the bareroots have been taken off of availability, it may appear that we are sold out of all our fruit trees. This is not the case, as soon as they are potted and rooted in they will be re-added to inventory. Please call if you have any questions regarding availability, we probably do have what you are looking for.